In 1998 a new tattoo studio was opened to bring a fresh and exciting element to the tattoo industry in East Tennessee. After much consideration the name Passionfish Tattoo Studio was chosen. The name Passionfish symbolizes the passion we have for the "eternal art" we create everyday while the phrase "the passion" has also come to describe the walk Christ made on His way to the cross. The fish was a symbol of recognition for early underground Christians and has since become a universal symbol easily recognizable by all of a shared faith. These two things, our passion and our faith, are the driving force behind everything we do at Passionfish Studio. For many decades tattoos were not recognized as a legitimate art form. This was due to the coloring book style of simply filling in a stencil placed on the skin and the same designs were repeated on thousands of people. Here at Passionfish we have striven to a small part of the revolution moving tattoos into the realm of fine art where originality and individual custom work is the standard. Our motivation and the heart behind our work is to provide every guest with the following:

1. An environment where every individual is welcomed, loved and accepted for who you are and what is important to you.

2. To provide the best quality in tattoos, designed and customized to your exact specifications while still being priced affordably and conducted in a sterilized Health Dept. Certified environment.

3. We strive to be humble enough to correct anything that needs to be changed should we not meet your complete satisfaction. We also wish to fulfill the calling to love Jesus with all our heart, soul and might and to love our neighbor as ourselves while providing every guest with excellence using the talents He has given us. Over our many years of service we have had the great privilege of providing reworking, cover ups, scar camouflaging, aureola re-pigmentation and piercing corrections. These areas are the most rewarding and satisfying that we are blessed to work with. We are so thankful to be able to help people whose lives have changed, who bear the marks of past mistakes or difficult times in life and to be able to be even a small part of each individuals "redemptive process". Memorial tattoos hold an equally special place in our hearts as we are often blessed to be called upon to give someone an eternal reminder of a lost loved one and to share in the beginning of the healing process. We sincerely hope that all of this has given you a small glimpse of the driving force behind all that we do. It would be our pleasure to assist you with any help you may need in the process of deciding upon your "eternal art". We look forward to getting to know you very soon.

The Passionfish Family