Cricket is a tattoo artist born and raised here in Tennessee. She began her tattooing career in 2016. Cricket has a unique style and she loves creating custom designs. She works in many different styles to accommodate the client’s needs. Her portfolio features bold neo-traditional, traditional, clean line-work , and soft illustrative-realism, she also loves using bright, fully saturated colors when she can! Cricket is always looking to expand her artistic horizons with new ideas! She prides herself on listening to her clients to give every person a memorable experience; her goal is to exceed your expectations and give you exactly what you want! When she’s not working in the studio, she loves to create art using micron, oil, acrylic, and watercolor. Some elements that help Cricket break away from her creative career include her family, and her fur babies, along with coffee, movies, and road trips. Please visit my store front or SCHEDULE YOUR OWN CONSULTATION through the BLUE link BELOW!!! Thank you so much for your interest! here.

My Portfolio